This year is the one to build in more positive experiences to your life.  We discuss how nostalgic moments led me to realize the importance of creating positive experiences in life. Practical advice includes creating an experience-oriented mindset, learning to prioritize experiences over material possessions, and seeing the potential for great memories in every moment. On this episode we emphasize the practice of gratitude, living intentionally, building positive morning routines, saying 'yes' to opportunities, and meeting new people to foster connections. I’ll share some personal stories demonstrating the benefits of his advice and encourages his listeners to actively implement these strategies in daily life.

01:33 Sharing Personal Experiences
03:02 Building Positive Experiences: Seven Actions
07:23 Personal Reflections and Future Goals
13:23 The Importance of Capturing Moments
15:40 Creating Positive Morning Routines
17:12 Saying Yes to New Opportunities
18:58 Meeting New People and Building Relationships
22:14 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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