#84: Secret Communication Skills [Rebroadcast]

We regularly talk about the basics of communication and how to improve them, but I want to go beyond the basics today.  I'm going to share several secret skills that will take your communication to a deeper and stronger level with those around you.  On this episode we discuss:
  • All the risks I'm taking (I'm doing it a lot lately)
  • Problems that can arise from poor communication
  • A fly-over of a few of the communication skills we usually talk about
  • Never giving your power away
  • How to not give up in communication with others
  • Sharing your story in a vulnerable way
  • How to dig deeper in conversation with others

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Adam is a life coach and counselor who specializes in helping individuals and organizations find transformational clarity.  He specializes in anxiety, depression, life & career transitions, adolescent challenges, and family counseling.

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