How would you feel if you always took the actions you wanted?  Today we’re going to cover some strategies to showing up in a way that allows you to feel great about yourself and the life you are living. On this episode we discuss:
  • How do you beat yourself up
  • How would you feel if you took the actions you want
  • What happens to your inner life when you try to please others
  • Be generous - with you treasure, time and talent
  • Tell the truth - don’t spin or evade
  • Show up for yourself - commit to yourself
  • Set guardrails - stay on track
  • Move out of the safe harbor - where are you hiding
  • Embrace the suck - see it as the process

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Adam Gragg is a Legacy Coach, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, & Mental Health Professional for nearly 25 years. Adam’s life purpose is helping people & organizations find transformational clarity that propels them forward to face their biggest fears to LIVE & leave their chosen legacy. He’s ultra-practical in his approach, convinced that engaging in self-reflective ACTION & practical tools, practiced consistently, WILL transform your life. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, and helping clients overcome anxiety, depression & trauma. Contact Adam HERE. if you're interested in getting started on deciding YOUR legacy.

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