On this episode of the Decide Your Legacy podcast, we discuss how to get to the root of stress to prevent it from hindering life. You’ll hear my own experience with nail-biting due to stress and fear. We’ll talk about the importance of identifying stressful situations, acknowledging the physical reactions to stress, noting the thoughts contributing to the stress, and understanding its connection to the past. Finally emphasizing the importance of facing these fears and taking necessary actions like journaling and consulting with family or a therapist to root it out. The journey requires discomfort, but overcoming it leads to transformational change.

00:39 When I stopped biting my nails
00:59 Welcome to the Podcast and Host Introduction
02:01 Personal Anecdote and Importance of Facing Fears
02:58 Identifying Stress Triggers
03:48 Understanding Fear and Its Impact
04:19 Personal Experience with Fear and Change
05:16 Understanding Anxiety as a Self-Protection Mechanism
06:17 Identifying Negative Thoughts and Emotions
07:15 Steps to Find the Root of Your Fear
13:33 Understanding How Feelings Impact Perspective
17:44 Connecting Stress Triggers to Past Experiences
21:43 Facing Your Fears and Taking Action
24:08 Recap and Final Thoughts
25:18 Podcast Conclusion and Sign Off

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Adam Gragg is a Legacy Coach, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, & Mental Health Professional for nearly 25 years. Adam’s life purpose is helping people & organizations find transformational clarity that propels them forward to face their biggest fears to LIVE & leave their chosen legacy. He’s ultra-practical in his approach, convinced that engaging in self-reflective ACTION & practical tools, practiced consistently, WILL transform your life. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, and helping clients overcome anxiety, depression & trauma. Contact Adam HERE. if you're interested in getting started on deciding YOUR legacy.

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