It’s time to make connections with new people. In this episode of the Decide Your Legacy Podcast, I explore the idea of reaching out to new people and turning them into friends or contacts. We delve into how we can view new faces as interesting people and opportunities for growth. I share experiences where I did something uncomfortable, which resulted in forming deeper connections with others. We will also discuss how individuals can use a 'how can I help?' mindset to build connections. Moreover, I explain how viewing conflict as positive can be beneficial to creating new relationships. Through personal anecdotes and insights, I emphasize the importance of taking action, challenging personal mindsets, and helping others to facilitate transformation and personal growth.

00:44 The Importance of Meeting New People
02:23 Personal Story: Reconnecting with an Old Friend
03:46 The Challenge of Engaging with Strangers
06:54 Benefits of Meeting New People
08:11 Overcoming Negativity Bias
10:49 Building Self Confidence
14:58 Viewing People as Interesting
17:25 Helping Others as a Way to Connect
18:43 The Power of Generosity and Helping Others
20:14 The Role of Trust in Building Relationships
20:38 Expanding Business and Team
21:38 The Impact of Generosity in Daily Life
23:11 Differing Opinions and Conflict
24:48 Understanding and Respecting Different Perspectives
29:46 The Value of Every Individual
32:40 The Power of Action and Transformation

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Adam Gragg is a Legacy Coach, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, & Mental Health Professional for nearly 25 years. Adam’s life purpose is helping people & organizations find transformational clarity that propels them forward to face their biggest fears to LIVE & leave their chosen legacy. He’s ultra-practical in his approach, convinced that engaging in self-reflective ACTION & practical tools, practiced consistently, WILL transform your life. He specializes in life transitions, career issues, and helping clients overcome anxiety, depression & trauma. Contact Adam HERE. if you're interested in getting started on deciding YOUR legacy.

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