We’ve all seen the “believe” sign on Ted Lasso and experienced the hope that it stirs inside us.  We aspire to be people who believe in ourselves and our capabilities, but how do we get there?  Today we chart a path to developing a strong belief in yourself.  On this episode we discuss:
  • The ways we put ourselves down
  • Accepting your past
  • Forgive those that have hurt you
  • Build positives into your life (big and small)
  • The act of building mastery
  • Shifting your focus to others
  • Identify what you truly like about yourself
  • Trusting your intuition and ignoring the noise


Assertiveness Activity
Select a specific interpersonal challenge you’re currently dealing with, will most likely face soon, or that you’ve unsuccessfully addressed in the past. Answer the questions for addressing this issue using this DEAR MAN Assertiveness Tool

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Adam is a life coach and counselor who specializes in helping individuals and organizations find transformational clarity.  He specializes in anxiety, depression, life & career transitions, adolescent challenges, and family counseling.

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